Spotchek Neighborhood Dog Care

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Call or text for availability. I will make all efforts to work according to your doggie needs.

NO charge for initial compatibility meeting.

Doggie dates:  

Day visits- drop in's:

-Day visits: $10 per half hour for reoccurring appointments (eg, M - F / 1-1:30 p.m.)

                  *Daily visits-just $50 per week for your peace of mind.

                 $15 per half hour for impromptu calls or occasional appointments

-Day visits w/ homes w/ multiple dogs: One charge applies to one or more dogs.

Doggie walks:

-Dog walks: $15 per half hour for reoccurring appointments (eg. M - F / 6-6:30 p.m.)

                  $20 per half hour for impromptu calls or occasional appointments

*I walk dogs one at a time to ensure 100% attention to safety and pooper scooping needs. 

*Exception-homes w/ multiple dogs: If you have two dogs that are mutually socialized, I will walk them together but the fee will increase $5 for the additional doggie.

*I will not attempt to walk more than two dogs together.

Doggie Night Stays: 

$30 per overnight 

-Please request at least a day in advance

-Vacation stays welcome when available- book early

House sitting available w/or without doggie care $30 day.

-Anywhere is St. Petersburg 

Dog bathing~basic 'get clean' bath (your house, your supplies)

~$20 large breeds and $10 small breeds

**If a toll is required to reach your location, the cost will be added to your fee.


I follow rules of the road while on walks: Use sidewalks when available, walk facing traffic, cross at intersections and not mid- block (unless a circumstance demands such).

Pooper Scoop Every time!!!

*Payment due at time of use: cash, check, Zelle, or CC through PayPal. (You do not need a PayPal account to use this service)

*Prices may change over time but I will not change them suddenly without notice.

*Persons using Spotchek Neighborhood Dog Care understand that same is an independent enterprise of which Andrea Gilson is the sole proprietor, owner/operator and all transactions are made in good faith and with due care, respect, and responsibility. 

*Spotchek Neighborhood Dog Care reserves the right to refuse service to anyone given the requirement of human-human-doggie compatibility required to offer only the best service.

Andrea and Charlie